She Is Risen! The Pilates Nun is BACK!

I float for you!
I float for you!

With a new url.

Which you already know.

Because you’re on her brand new, state of the art, privately-hosted blogging platform right now, and this site,, the site you’re on right now,  is where the Pilates Nun’s content will magically reappear, article by article, organized into her exclusive category and by original publication date, until everything that was there, will be here.  Like internet magic.

The internet made me take down the original Nun site.

Here’s why.

I’m a leader in the Pilates industry for lots of reasons but one of the most important is that I’ve been first to use the internet to bring my work to you, the vast majority of it for free.  I’m what’s called an early adopter of emerging internet technology which, almost all the time is a good thing, except for when it isn’t.

Before the majority of other educators knew what a blog was and years before the platforms that dominate blog hosting today were even around, I used the absolute best platform available at the time to build my little Pilates Nun blog.  It was up for over 8 long years and it was full of 100% original content – no writer’s block here! –  that all had one important thing in common; every article comprehensively detailed important educational aspects of teaching, business development, staffing, client service outside the session, and a bunch of fun stuff that didn’t have anything to do with teaching but had to do with living a good life, a big life, a full life, on being happy, being strong, resilient and self-sufficient.  Thanks to you, dear reader, my site became very industry-famous, and whenever readership soars Google knows it so my little Nun site ended up at or near the top of many of your problem-solving Google searches.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for that and for everything else you’ve ever done to support my work.

I knew the Nun site had reached critical mass when one of my longtime athlete clients from Seattle, Samantha Boyd, was walking through the food court at one of Seattle’s larger Home Depots, passed a group of older men sitting at a picnic table eating, and overheard one of them say, and I quote, “the Pilates Nun fixed my back.”  Samantha stopped dead in her tracks, then approached him and told him she, also, knew the Pilates Nun.  He corrected her.  He didn’t know me IRL, he only knew me by having found the Nun site online as he searched for relief from back pain.




So the Nun site was definitely reaching people I surely never could without it, and that’s an amazing feeling.  And it’s an enormous privilege.  And it’s a really important responsibility.

But the very internet that I used to bring that marvelously deep content to you is the reason the site had to eventually be taken down.

The internet made me take it down because the back end of the Nun site had become so prehistorically ancient that the internet, which changes for the newer/faster/smarter/better every second of every day, eventually broke up with the back end technology we’d used for the Nun site.

Hosting platforms like the one I’m using to write to you right now have constant choices to make about how current they’ll stay, what changes they’ll make in market focus, and even if they’ll stay in business.  The platform we used for the original Nun site couldn’t keep up with the powerful emergence of blogspot and WordPress, blogging platform behemoths, and my old back end simply became too old for the modern internet to make sense of.  When that happened, the site came down and all the content went into storage.

Where it still remains.  Completely intact and just waiting to get back out here so together, we can reach more folks who need help.

Nun content is on the way.  Plus, as you know, I’m still writing a ton and this site, this “we’ll be together forever” back end and I, will contain all my new written material, as well.

Thank you for your patience while I’ve done a million other things that were momentarily more important than dealing with the Nun site.  Thank you for waiting for me to finally get around to it.  Thank you for reading me.

In case you were wondering – you were, weren’t you? – I want to assure you about my other platforms.  All of them are state of the art and all of them enjoy market entrenchment so deep that there’s no way imaginable that they’d become obsolete.

Let’s go through my various innovations, one by one.  This is a good opportunity for you to review your engagement and make sure you’re getting notifications of new posts on the platforms you most enjoy.

I was the First Educator:

*and still only* to produce a video site, full of comprehensive, valuable  free 100% original educational content.  After hearing how I wanted to share video educational content with you, my brilliant web consulting genius, Sean Hreha of Breezy, recommended I use for my video site, and for over 7 years I’ve been pumping out the video content on my Vimeo channel since

*and still only* to video record all courses and give you a copy, plus a copy of the next time I teach the same content.  Internet file transfer services have historically been befuddled by the burden of transferring large video files so course attendees used to have to provide me with an external hard drive for me to copy the video files onto (which takes hours and hours and hours of my time) but now Dropbox, my preferred file transfer service, has finally caught up with me and now has the technological attention span necessary to allow me to upload an unlimited number of hours of video and transfer those video files to you via the internet.  Live long enough, everything works out!

*and still only* to email push substantive free valuable content to my 100%-you-asked-to-be-on-it mailing list.  Your inbox is undoubtedly flooded with emails from tons of other educators but their emails absolutely do not contain substantive, comprehensive educational content.  Mine do, and always have, and always will.  If you’re not on my email list but want to be, email me at [email protected] that you’d like to be added and I’ll get you on it.

to teach via Skype; many many other educators have followed but they don’t film it for you like I do.

to podcast with over 50 hours of free substantive educational content on my Listen & Learn playlist; not many other educators have followed my podcasting lead and here’s why; podcasting reveals the speaker’s ability to speak logically, progressively, constructively – or not – and many “educators” know they can’t do that AND they don’t know how/want to edit the way they’d have to in order to make themselves sound reasonably capable.

to offer my services bespoke; what you need, exactly the way you need it, completely customized for you.  My skill set is very broad so not only can I, of course, help you with all things Pilates, but I also offer you my design and creative services to help you do things like choose your studio name and tag lines, design your logo, design and content-create your website, design and content-create your studio forms.


My forever promise to you is that I will continue to early-adopt, I’ll always keep innovating – I can’t help it! – and I’ll always give you as much of me as I possibly can, for free.

Thank you for being here!


She Is Risen! The Pilates Nun is BACK!