CeraVe Will Rebuild Your Skin’s Barrier

When my Derm told me about this DRUG STORE product line, she raved about it

She kept saying “it will rebuild your skin, it will rebuild your skin, it will rebuild your skin.”

I tried it.

It’s rebuilt my skin.



Products cost between $7 – $12, and among my local CVS, Target, Walgreens & Walmart, Target has the lowest everyday prices but be sure to watch for specials on Amazon Prime.

Through my mid-50s, my skin’s been getting thinner and thinner, and as that’s happened the texture of my skin has changed leaving me with tons of wrinkles, crinkles, folds and drapes.  Now, at 59 (which is really 60 because, you know, we don’t count it until it’s done), the surface of my skin is more similar to crepe paper than it is to a human organ.

Here’s what CeraVe’s done for my skin.

My first 2 CeraVe purchases were the body lotion in the big tub and the healing ointment in the blue tube, and I started using them in August.  I use the body lotion after showering and I slather it on everything but my face.  I use the ointment as an overnight treatment on the backs of my hands and on my forearms.

After just a few weeks, my skin became thicker, shinier, waaaaay smoother feeling and looking.  As my skin thickened, many *MANY* wrinkles on my neck and arms went away.  Gone.

For my whole life, I had asymptomatic small flat red dots on the backs of my upper arms and legs; they’re completely gone.

In the past month I bought the full facial line (eye repair, 2 PM creams, hydrating cleanser, facial soap) and am now experiencing the same improvements on my face.

I still cleanse my skin in the Laszlo way, I still use my Prevage system and Tretinoin in addition to CeraVe.

How thick and smooth and thick has CeraVe made the surface of my skin?  Right now, I’m somewhere between a Nathan’s Hot Dog and a dolphin.

Get on it, ok?

CeraVe Will Rebuild Your Skin’s Barrier