The Physical Realities of Spine Safety

In case you have any doubt about why movement teachers who want to teach safely – isn’t that ALL of us? – simply must eliminate loaded spinal movement, please, for the sake of your own competency and for the sake of your clients, watch this recently published 1 hour 4 minute video podcast of Dr. McGill being interviewed by Travis Mash.

Travis Mash is an elite strength trainer specializing in barbell, and 100% of every single thing discussed applies to the teaching of movement including Pilates, Yoga, Cross Fit or Barre.

I have incorporated into my work the safety-in-training aspects of 100% of every single thing discussed – it’s perfectly possible to still teach classical Pilates without teaching unsafely! – and if you’d like to conform 100% of your teaching to the logical and simple realities of spine safety, I can help.

I have the model Dr. McGill uses to demonstrate and here’s what DynamicDiscDesigns, the model manufacturer, had to say about this piece: “After explaining delamination using the models, a bit of a mic drop.”I don’t know what more evidence you want”. Thank you Dr. McGill!”

I have the spine and disc model Dr. McGill uses, if you want to borrow it, let me know and I’ll mail it to you so you can learn from it, then teach your clients from it.

Here’s a link to Dr. McGill’s website:

And to the books he recommends: Back Mechanic and Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance.



Travis Mash has spent decades studying the barbell. He is one of the few people – if not the only one – to bridge the worlds of powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and athletic strength and conditioning.

Travis was a World Champion in powerlifting. He competed in a world-class level in Olympic weightlifting. He has coached professional Olympic weightlifters alongside Don McCauley and Glenn Pendlay at Team MDUSA and now coaches the most successful weightlifting team in America.

He has coached 8-year-olds, high school athletes landing D-1 scholarships, NFL players, elite powerlifters, average Joes wanting to get in shape, Olympic hopefuls, and even middle-aged mothers who struggled to do a weightless squat.

No one else understands all aspects of the barbell better than Travis Mash. And now he is eager to share his insight with you.

The Physical Realities of Spine Safety